OK - You just clik on some song and you canot download - error?

1.) Well first you must find right password on pages of my sponsors .

2.) Instal Get Right - download manager (or Gozillu)

3.) Clik on songs what interest you (and check does Get Right catch clicks?).

4.) In Get Right (configuration / login) add for my server - username and pasword what you found on pages of my sponzors.

5.) With Get Right start download .... , but only when server works - that means : friday , saturday and sunday from 22-07.

Important : Paswords se are changed every 7 days - if Get Right get you error - first check did you use right password , and than check did my server work - click on this link ; server.

If you still have problems be free to contact me on e-mail , but must write password what you use (othervise I not reply ).